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Who are we?

Hi, I am Adnan Javed.

After personally seeing some close acquaintances failing at business, I started researching what went wrong. Not all of us realize that you may have the best product/service in town, but if you cannot connect with your target customers and show them how you are better – you will remain ignored.

Not all businesses can afford to be ignored for long. 

I realized that marketing is an essential yet often ignored aspect of business growth. I was also saddened at how most of the businesses were still stuck with conventional marketing methods.

The rabbit hole kept getting deeper and my curiosity kept persisting stronger.

Today, I run Digital Echo to help businesses grow and avoid the mistakes that most businesses make.

We do this using digital tools that give you the best ROI.

Start getting Google Reviews in less than 1 minute!

90% customers searched for a business using the internet in 2019.

91% customers say positive reviews helped in choosing a business.

Those two findings from this survey should be more than sufficient for you to understand how important it is for your business to have good online reputation.

In fact, your Google reviews help in deciding if your business should even show up when searching online.

Asking every user to find your business on google and leave a review is difficult. So we created a simple free tool to remove all the friction. Just send them(SMS, Email or WhatsApp) a link or show a QR Code and within 20 seconds they can leave a 5 star review for you.

It’s super simple. It’s very helpful.

  1. Enter your business name
  2. Give your email address
  3. Click generate, done!

So stop loosing customers.

Grow your business for free now!

Certified experts 🙂
Yes, your business is in safe & skilled hands!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” said Benjamin Franklin. I cannot agree more!

My journey started with a lot of anxious thoughts and confusing discussions with business owners. Every business had its own set of challenges. It was hard to start helping them right away until I bumped into the experts of the industry. 

DigitalMarketer, based in Austin, is the leading online community for digital marketing professionals and is one of the world’s most trusted voices sharing the best of what works in digital marketing. With over 10,000 businesses from 68 countries using their strategies, I was more than confident that they could help me help businesses. And boy did they do that well!

I got hooked to their strategies and realized how every business fundamentally revolves around the same set of basic needs, challenges and solutions.

Armed with priceless techniques that I learned in these certifications from the experts, I now feel privileged to be capable of jumpstarting businesses in a fool-proof and surefire way.

Let’s make businesses recession-proof!

Our focus areas for growing a business


Each business I have worked with has been unique. Different requirements, different audiences and different products. Creation of the right funnels helps boost profits and business growth.

Web Design​

Whenever a business needs fast and clean websites focused on conversions, I collaborate with a freelancer friend with over a decade of web development experience .

Content Marketing​

This is one effective way of building trust and relationship between the business and its potential customers and should not be ignored at any cost.

Lead Generation

Digital tools have proved to be very effective in garnering hot and genuine leads for businesses effectively.

Social Media Marketing

Choosing right SM platforms & developing a good connection and engagement with customers boosts a business tremendously.

Google Ads

Running ads on the search giant right when the customers need the product/service has helped get instant results.

Blog peek

DigitalEcho Digital Marketing with Innovation

How to grow my business?

A question that most business owners have to deal with. It is the eventual goal of any business – to expand. Nkem Paul, a business consultant and strategist rightly put it when he said “For Business and life, if you are not experiencing growth, you’re

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FREE Help for Businesses during Covid 19

Business Growth Using Digital [BGUD]

This is a FREE video series that helps you explore an exhaustive list of ideas, tips, tools and techniques that can help a business overcome recession. 

Owing to the pandemic, we realized that many businesses are in desperate need of a direction to take for their online journey. And that is the reason, this free video training was created.

Consult Mr. BAB online for FREE

If you are in a hurry and want a free quick audit to check how well your current business scores in employing different digital strategies, then just say hi to Mr.BAB.

This is a FREE Business Audit Bot that will quickly ask you a bunch of questions and let you know how well you score and how much you can improve. 

Digital Marketing Excited Man

Come, join the fun!

Business owners need an easy way to build good reputation online. I’ve built a free tool to achieve this quick and easy. You can have it here.

Also, do check out my thoughts, ideas and experiences on my blog here. 

Looking forward to some interesting collaborations!

"The best marketing strategy ever: Care."

-Gary V.

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