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Adnan here. 
I have a master’s in engineering and over a decade’s experience in the corporate world. I have had the opportunity of interacting with many business owners along the way. I have often been dismayed at the way many businesses were not functioning at their peak performance.
In fact, I’ve witnessed a couple of them shutting shutters and that sad experience lead me to start DigitalEcho. I strongly feel that with the scores of tools available today, we could run businesses much more efficiently and profitably. 
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My Credentials

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DigitalEcho Digital Marketing Internet Services

Customer Acquisition Specialist

This course helped me learn the right way to acquire customers using paid ads. 

Today, it is easier than ever to run marketing campaigns for a business and that also means it is easier than ever to burn a lot of cash on marketing without getting results.

Customer value journey,campaigns to run, the way to run, re-targetting, empathy, audience temperature, avatar etc., this course was loaded enough to ensure that the marketing campaigns eventually yield positive ROIs


Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Having customers is one part, but getting the most out of them is something which most businesses are guilty of. Customer Value Optimization is basically the process of ensuring that you are able to derive the most optimum value out of each paying customer.

Most businesses leave so much money on the table that it was outstanding when Ryan Deiss, the CEO of DigitalMarketer explained how easy it was to double or even quadruple the growth of a business.

It may seem unrealistic, but when you dive deep and understand the approach to achieve all this, you are filled with a sense of awe and confidence about the implementation of these hidden strategies.


Copywriting Specialist

“You cannot sell anything, if you cannot tell anything” said Beth Comstock. It then only made sense that I learn the tricks of writing convincingly.

The structuring of headlines, the flow, the tone and language, the empathy, the focus on benefits or features etc., there was so much thought when scripting communication with the prospects or customers that I was blown away.

Before taking up this course, I hadn’t payed much attention to how dramatically the results could be improved by focussing on the way you write.

Afterall Marketing is all about the message.


Optimization & Testing Specialist

Molly Pittman, one of the star performers at DigitalMarketer herself claims that only 20% of her campaigns perform well from the day one.

Marketing is a human-centric science. It is not just a bunch of formulae, which would give the same result – everytime. 

And Digital marketing trumps the game because of this very special ability of tracking, testing and optimizing.

A marketer who is not good with testing and optimizing will definitely not be able to experiement and innovate enough to get the results a business deserves.


E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

That the world is moving towards E-Commerce is no hidden fact. Our lives are literally dominated by companies such as Amazon, EBay, Flipkart, Alibaba etc., 

I have always been a staunch promoter of online purchasing and e-commerce. 

And I am wary of the power and problems such big players can bring to the businesses. 

I’ve always encouraged the business owners to have their own e-commerce stores. This ceritication literally started from basics to the most advanced tips, tricks and techniques needed to get the boll rolling.

So tomorrow when business owners want to explore having an online store to sell stuff, I am prepared to assist them.

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