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And then came Corona!

While I was racing around the hospitals and sanitizing my hands like a dozen times a day, I could see the markets crashing, economies coming to a grinding halt, and the common man looking with bewilderment at the governments – hoping for some answers and assurances.

Which never came… 

This was back in April 2020. World’s biggest lockdown, perhaps pushed us back by a good mighty number of years!

While there are many facets of the lockdown, I cannot indulge in the luxury of talking about all of my thoughts here.

I shall keep this focussed on the business aspect of Covid pandemic.

But before we dive deeper, let me just share the reason for my absence in the last couple of months.

As you must have guessed, the biggest reason was the Covid-19 pandemic. 

I was also blessed with a baby, right when the lockdown was at its peak in the mid of April. And this was the reason for my racing around hospitals and sanitizing myself day in and day out.

Anyway, I was reduced to a silent spectator for some time due to my commitments, but all the while I have been restless. 

Restless and dismayed at the way things are. Time to analyze, time to evaluate, time to help…

Business in the Post-Covid world

While we are still trying to learn and understand the disease, two things are certain about this pandemic. 

  1. It is going to bring with it a recession that none of us have seen in our lifetime.
  2. It will alter the way we live, function and run trade and business for a very long time.

When the lockdown was in full swing, I was surprised to find the business owners expecting things to improve when the lock down would be removed.

Of course, not all of them – but quite a few of the ones I interacted with at least.

I think it is a force of habit to indulge in wishful thinking. Unfortunately, we cannot afford that luxury always. At least not in this case.

It is only practical to assume the following:

Businesses that quickly adapt to the digital world, will survive this pandemic.

By the time things become normal again – people would have gotten addicted to this ‘new normal” of going online for most of the stuff from the comfort of their home.

So – bottom line is this.

It’s time for you to adapt and honestly you don’t have much time. 

An interesting thing about adapting to new things can be learnt from the below given image. It’s called the technology adoption lifecycle. 

This shows us the distribution of people who embrace new trends and technology. You just have to decide where you belong. The quicker you adopt, the faster you evolve, the better are the chances of your survival. Not just survival, it would in fact propel your growth and domination.

What kept me away so long?

While, yes I have been away for some time, trust me – I was daily building stuff, exploring, learning, and optimizing. So here I am happy to share with you the developments:

  1. I have built BAB … Business Audit Bot – The bot will quickly run you through a series of questions and give you a true measure of how many digital tools you are using for your business (and how much more you can do for it).
  2. I have created the BGUD Strategy – ‘Business Growth using Digital’ Strategy. This is to help business owners understand the different ways business growth can be propelled using digital tools. It is a free video series where you can subscribe to learn different ways you can overcome the recession. In fact, we also explore how businesses can actually thrive during these times. I recommend you definitely check it out.
  3. I am working with a friend on a consultation platform to help Consultants quickly and easily give their consultation services online. You will hear more on this soon 😉 
  4. I am loving being part of If you are into Digital Marketing, definitely consider joining this amazing tribe of Gaurav Gurbaxani.

That’s it for now.

Stay safe.

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